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6 Years Ago | 23 shares | By Saurabh # 15

Sorry that I couldn't catch up with you on your birthday.

Hope that it was great.

Happy belated birthday

6 Years Ago | 33 shares | By [email protected] # 121

If you are serious about celebrating your birthday,

then the party must still be happening and that means that it's not
too late to wish you a Happy Birthday.

7 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Shubham # 34

I would like to apologize for forgetting
a special birthday of my special friend.
But I would like to apologize more on a
special sickness of your most special friend: AGING!
Belated Happy Birthday

7 Years Ago | 30 shares | By Animesh # 94

Birthdays are special days,

but you are special every day.

Happy Belated Birthday.

9 Years Ago | 14 shares | By Rana # 40

Memory didn’t work
Alarm didn’t ring
Facebook didn’t remind
Birds didn’t sing
Forgot your birthday
Sorry my friend
Humans make mistakes
I am following the trend.

9 Years Ago | 8 shares | By Lokesh # 55

A year of fun and happiness is my Birthday wish For you
You are someone special and your Birthday should be too!
Happy Belated Birthday My Dear.

9 Years Ago | 18 shares | By Rahul # 88

Happy Belated Birthday.
When things get busy, time slips by, but birthdays never wait.
So finally when we send our greetings, they may be just a little late. But when it is someone so special that we like a lot,
our thoughts are always on time,
it is just our greeting that is not.

9 Years Ago | 13 shares | By Akshat # 42

They say burn the candle at both ends and I think that means

celebrate your birthday both before and after the real date.

I am helping with the "after" part.

Happy Birthday!

9 Years Ago | 4 shares | By Kanishk # 26

Even though I missed your birthday by a mile,

I hope you celebrated it with smile.

Happy Belated Birthday.

9 Years Ago | 4 shares | By Rahul # 88

Two, four, six, eight.

Sorry that this birthday cheer is late!

Happy Birthday!

9 Years Ago | 7 shares | By Sourabh # 83

I thought that you wouldn't celebrate your birthday ,

after you turned 29. I guess I counted wrong and you are 29 this year.

Sorry I am late. Happy Birthday.

9 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Sachitendra # 118

Got late in sending the Birthday wish to someone special?
Worry not.
Its better late than never.
Send beautiful belated Birthday greetings
And prolong the celebration time.

9 Years Ago | 5 shares | By Shinde # 20

Sending you belated Birthday wishes
I know I am more than late
But I hope you understand my forgetfulness
The day was crazy, I was in a bad state.

9 Years Ago | 3 shares | By Awadhesh # 98

A belated birthday wish coming your way
With a genuine message I wish to convey
Sorry I forgot your special day
I will make it up to you, come what may!

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Abhinit # 71

Smile is a curve
A smile is a curve that
sets everything straight
and wipes wrinkle away
hope u share a lots and
receive a lots 4 days 2 come
Happy birthday …….

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Rajiv Dhiman # 115

I’m so blessed 2 have a friend like u
This comes with many
Loving thoughts & warm wishes
I send 2 u,
May ur day be filled with laughter
On this ur special day & may the finest things
In life always come
Ur way happy birthday!

9 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Kanishk # 26

Tumhari is ada ka kya jawad du,
apne dost ko kya uphar du,
koi accha sa phool hota to mali se mangvata,
jo khud gulab hai usko kya gulab du…

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Gazal # 28

You were crying when u were born
while everybody was laughing there
As u live 2 blow a thousand candles,
live ur life humbly so that
u would b the one laughing when u die
and everybody else would be crying.
Happy Birthday :)

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Nirati # 47

Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you;but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Gaurav # 109

har suhani rat ho.
vaha phulo ki barsat ho.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Monika # 35

Your birthday is the perfect day
to say I care,
because you will remember me
when u certainly make it a big affair,
and when you do hold a party…
I bet you will be the one who would care
to make ur special day a costly affair…!!

Belated Happy Birthday

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Charu # 22

In soft gleaming night of stars,
May all your dreams come true.
May every star of every night,
Bring love and joy to you.
Belated Happy Birthday to you.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sana # 76

I missed your birthday (it doesn't mean I don't care)
I feel rotten that I missed your birthday
Oops (I or we) Missed Your Birthday
Belated Birthday Greeting for Kids
Happy Belated Birthday

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Meenakshi # 127

Wishing u a day soft as silk, white as mil,. sweet as honey & full of money. May all ur dreams come true.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Abhinit # 71

Step by step the journey goes on,
Little by little it may seem so long.
Forget about your past, you can”t change it,
Forget about your future, you cant predict it.
Just think about present, you can handle it.
Enjoy presents every moment & be happy….

9 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Rajat # 18

I hope that u’ll have a great day
& that u’ll be surrounded by ur loved 1s.
May all ur wishes come true
& that u’ll always be happy.
The eyes R the mirror of ur soul
& the most essential things in life
R only visible through ur heart
& I know that ur soul & ur heart,
reflect how special U re

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Cassandra Isabel Anc # 128

Dua hai Ki Kaamyabi ke har shikhar pe
aap hee ka naam hoga,
aapke har kadam par
duniya ka salaam hoga.
Himmat se mushkilon ka saamna karna
hamari dua hai ki waqt bhi ek din
aapka gulam hoga…
Belated Happy Birthday!!

10 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Ashish 8574816604 # 1

Sorry for wishing you late.
I hope your birthday was all that you had hoped for.
Belated Happy Birthday.

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