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7 Years Ago | 1 shares | By sumit # 486

Don't be afraid to take risks and experience pain to achieve your dreams.
Always remember, if you want a rainbow, you must first go through the rain.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By jags # 2780

Nothing is impossible, If we can determine, We can do it!!!

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Bhavna Sharma # 129

Luck isn't in ur hands, but Hardwork is!

Ur Hardwork can make ur Luck!

But ur Luck can't make ur Wotk!

So always trust urself!!

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By aji # 149

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By aji # 149

To be an achiever should follow two principles...!

1. If not me then WHO...?
2. If not now then WHEN...?

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By aji # 149

I can honestly say that I was never affected by the question of the success of an undertaking. If I felt it was the right thing to do, I was for it regardless of the possible outcome.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By sac # 367

If U Find The Whole World Behind U &
U Are Alone On One Side
Then What Will U Do ?

Very Simple . . . .

Just Turn Back &
U’ll Become The Leader Of Whole World . . .
Think Positive . . .

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By yog's # 1270


10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Shikha.Anubhav # 160

'Erasers are for people who MAKE errors' is an old saying,
But a better saying is
'Erasers are for people who are willing to CORRECT their mistakes!'

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Binod # 653

Wen u start ur day,
Keep 3 words in ur pocket:

TRY-4 better future
TRUE-wid ur work
TRUST-in Allah

then success will b in ur feet!

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Prabhupinky # 4398

Dream your dreams,
Hold on your dreams,
Live your dreams,
Just a question of time it will become reality....

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Nokia # 215

Failure is a single page in a part of life but success is a book of dictionary don’t loose a full book for a single page

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By suresh4041 # 2461

Past isExperience, Present is experiment
Future isExpectation!
Use ur Experience in ur Experiments 2 get ur Expectations

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By HITS # 1061

When u are at the end of the rope,
just tie “one” knot and hang on
ill surely come and tie the remaining ” two” around you…..
remember, only in darkness we can see stars ! !
whenever , wherever ill be there for you
good night and sweet dreams!!

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sheky # 5441

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By prakash # 2315

may the brightness of the Sun give u the strength 2 take right decisions.. like my Deep's flickering light gives me strength to combat with struggles of my destiny..

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By abi # 1718

Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By suji # 5447

A honey bee visits 2 million flowers to collect just 500mg of honey. Compare it with ur work if u ever feel overworked... keep going.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By ROJA RANI # 150

Accepting good suggestions
will correct you,guide you
and prosper you.But we have to follow them in proper manner.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By shrutikirti15 # 287

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless

10 Years Ago | 7 shares | By Copo # 1248

Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life. Never ask for a lighter rain. Just pray for a better umbrella. That is attitude.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Copo # 1248

When flood comes, fish eat ants & when flood recedes, ants eat fish. Only time matters. Just hold on, God gives opportunity to everyone!

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By valente # 623

Be bold when you lose and Be calm when you win.Your Life is a fingerprint that cannot be duplicated. so make the Best impression with it.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Copo # 1248

Try is a small word that makes a lot of difference. If we try, we only risk failure. But if we don't even try we ensure it.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By elanchi # 5903

How to hit ur target
1. study the situation
2. note all the possibilities
3.work with sincerity.
4.wait for ur time and hit the target

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By valente # 623

Focus more on Ur desire than on UR doubt & d Dream will take care of itself. U may be surprised @ how easily this happens. Ur doubts r not as powerful as Urdesires, Unless U
make them so …

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Chutti # 6250

7 secrets of sucess in ur roomitself.
1.Roof says aim hi
2.fan says B cool
3.clock says evry min. is precious
4.Mirror says Reflect B4 u act
5.window says C the world
6. calender says B update
7..door says Push hard to achieve ur goals

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By ROJA RANI # 150

If you have talents in any
field,do not feel shy to show and express them at correct time and right place. do not discourage for silly things.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By aritra # 1726

i studied everything
never topped.
today the toppers of the best universities are my employees.
----bill gates

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By surendra # 6697

Morning doesn't meaN Getting up and working again.
it rather means god loves u so much that he lets u live another day to do more of the good things.

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