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5 Years Ago | 4 shares | By Vikas # 84

If I have to choose between Loving You and Breathing....
I will choose my last breath to say I LOVE You.. !

5 Years Ago | 12 shares | By Aditi # 21

I can't find a reason why life introduced me to you.
But that's not the question.
Question is: How life knew that I needed a lovely one like u?

6 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Nakul # 99

I ______U (Trust, Care, Share, Miss, Adore, Kiss, Hug,)


I ______U. ( Love, Like)

Fill in the blank's send to me

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Barun # 65

I am here not because I should be, Not because I am captive in this situation, But because I prefer to be with you To be anywhere else in the world.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Deepak # 44

If You're Asking If I Need You The Answer Is Forever, If You're Asking If I'll Leave You The Answer Is Never, If You're Asking What I Value The Answer Is You, If You're Asking If I Love You The Answer Is I Do.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Rana # 40

Roads maybe sometimes rough but with you, no matter how rough the road is. I'll take no alternate route cause together we can make it through.. No matter how tough the going, I'll keep on going cause with you, my love the journey will never be boring.

9 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Love # 25

I hide my tears when I say your name but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile and seem care free. There is only one who misses you more than any one else.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Ravi # 96

Take my eyes but let me see U... Take my mind but let me Think about U... Take my Hand but let me Touch U... But don't try to take my Heart because its already with U..

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Shobhit # 77

There are a lot of birds wispering only about you, you should once listen to them, then you would know how much I love you.

9 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Kalika # 54

I always lose control when you by my side. U have bcom the light of my life. I always enjoy the time i spend with you. I think i’m falling in love with you!

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Harsh # 64

If someone waits for you it doesn't mean dat they have nothing else to do..

It just means that nthng else is more important than you & that someone is special one who loves you.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Nimish # 61

Fallen flowers cannot climb back, so do not think about the past, Love the present, live for the future with a beautiful & sweet smile.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Varun # 60

There is an ocean between us. Forests and mountains keep us apart. I may not be superman, but give me a second and I will fly across countries to send you my love. Have you received it?

9 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Aditi # 21

Sometimes I neglect to tell you how important you are to me, how your presence makes such a difference. People like you are truly rare. I hope you realize how much you mean to me.

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Priyanka # 74

Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream hope and love...Makes Life Beautiful

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Nitin Dhiman # 126

Never take someone for granted.
never take someone for granted.Hold every person close to your heart because you mightwake up one day and realise that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Rajiv Dhiman # 115

You can show love 2 everyone but
u can show anger to only who is close 2 U,
so anger is always higher 'love'..

9 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Rahul # 88

Life is very short,
so break silly rules.
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes you smile..

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By 9875288111 # 12

True Love Needs Only 2 things...

Sometime to be spent Together.
A True Care to be Shown forever...

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By ARJUN SINGH # 8884

kabhi use bhula na paynge qki bo hamare liye hamari sans hai or sans kabhi hamse dure nahi hoti hai

10 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Sherry # 142

I miss your love I miss your touch,
But Im feeling you everyday......

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sherry # 142

Before i met u
Love for me was like aw second name of god,
Bt after i meet u
You were da only god for me
mah love........ ? ?

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sherry # 142

Love is like a jumping from a mountain as deeper we goo death cums near bt sum time love can act as a parachute nd can save ones life but it happens only in real relations not in fake ones

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By jahnavi bindu # 670

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By jahnavi bindu # 670

we accept the love we think we deserve.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By makavanajanti@gmail. # 8872

phool ? khushbu k liyee pyeer ? nibhaney k liyee ankheen ? dil churaney k liyee aur yeh message ? aap ko meri yad dilaney k liyee....missing u alot

10 Years Ago | 5 shares | By Navratan Verma # 549

Chaht hai itni meri apke liye ki baya na kr paaunga kabhi, Chahe dur ho jaun kismat se magr bhul na paunga apko kabhi.

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Nidhi Srivastava # 1939

It hurts to know that you shall never remember the things that I shall not forget!
A moment is for a second but memories go Forever!!

10 Years Ago | 0 shares | By ABHISHEK KUMAR PAND # 8862

Labz na nikle fir nhi awaj hoti hai,kuch Dosto ki baat khash hoti hai,Apse chahe Mulakat ho ya na ho,Lekin Apki YAAD Hamesa mere paas hoti hai...............................ilv u

10 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Gaurav Chaudhary # 8861

Aasiko ka kam
1.lover ptana
2.lover ko hsaana
3.lover k nakre sahna
4.lover ke daat sahna
5.lover ka phone k intjar karna
6.lovar ko pyar karna
7.lover ko sms karna
8.lover k leye tarpna
9.lover k payar me pagal hona
10.lover phone na kare to intgar me rote rahna......

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